System Development (trace up to Smallholders) has been completed


In August, Project TREE has developed the traceability system into Phase 3 where smallholders are involved in the transaction chain. Due to this development, the traceability system can trace up to the production plot of smallholders and can prove the production of natural rubber is done outside of the protected areas. We believe it will contribute to the prevention from deforestation.

In addition to increasing the reliability of the traceability of the information itself in the Blockchain scheme, Phase 3 is also expected to provide direct benefits to the farmers involved individually. It will accelerate the Project to be expanded to more smallholders.

At this stage, Project TREE has demonstrated its commitment and seriousness in the existence and sustainability of natural rubber by involving all actors in the supply chain in an inclusive manner. It is hoped that in the future Project TREE will become a forum for many natural rubber business actors to contribute together to realize responsible and sustainable natural rubber production.